Reading about Finnish nuclear power discussion causes me elevated blood pressure time after time. Like anti-capitalism, anti-nuclear attitude is just one of those persistent fallacies that refuse to die no matter how much evidence you throw at them. Indeed the issue is not about evidence at all. In order to understand the facts involved not only would people have to understand rudimentary nuclear engineering, but also economic basics. As in, if you build a nuclear power plant as a private venture, its cost overruns will not be paid by the taxpayers. Lacking that, people instead opt for misguided value judgements.

I could list all the (very compelling) arguments for nuclear power, but why bother? As far as I’m concerned , this is just one of those areas where democracy fails spectacularly. Who has the time to refute all the misinformed opinions these idiots hold? They’re like mosquitoes, you kill one and two come to take its place (the opinions, not the people). And they’re always the same ones

Do these people even deserve the benefits of affordable energy? I for one would be happy to see them building wind power, and paying for it in their energy bill. Same goes for socialism. Let them do things their way, and let them fail. We don’t need to subsidise them. And they don’t need to drag us down with them. Hence the concept of competitive governance.

An ironic result of decades of anti-nuclear regulation and hysteria in the western world is the present energy crisis. I’m quite convinced we would have no problems phasing out fossil fuels (an effort we are willing to spend billions on) if we would have allowed a competitive nuclear industry to develop since the 80’s. Not only would we have less coal-based power production to begin with, but also more advanced nuclear technology, as it would have been developed for-profit over 30 years, and also less CO2 in the atmosphere, making the transition less urgent. But at least this way we have something to protest against, something certain people seem to hold as a value in itself.