Second, it would make the problems regarding international ethics a bit less troublesome. We know that autocratic, mismanaged countries can pose quite a moral dilemma. What obligations do democratic, rich countries have towards the citizens of these countries? Should we leave them to their possibly gruesome fates in the hands of a corrupt and violent government? Or should we violate the sovereignty of the country, possibly against the will of a large part of its population and certainly in a violent manner, Bush-style, hoping to do more good than bad?

I would like to see these problems handled on an individualistic, rather than collectivist basis. That is, from a philosophical point of view that an individual is not legally or morally bound to his or her country, but is free to make his own choices.  And is, of course, free to buy services as he sees fit.

An export-oriented security industry would tackle this problem in an interesting manner, as long as these companies could operate without ties to any one nation. You could contract a defense firm to protect you, possibly against your own government. This way there would be no oppressed or free citizens, only people with high or low defense premiums.